Creating a Positive Workplace

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Stop gossip and negativity through insight and understanding, to create a productive and positive workplace
High price of negativity

There is a high price to pay for negativity. High turnover, low productivity, wasted time and resources.

7 Habits

Negativity can be a habit and like many habits we may not even realize we are engaging in negative behavior. Learn to spot and fix negative habits.

You Will discover

How to deal with negativity and stop gossip. Get practical tools to stay productive & positive while working to create a positive workplace.

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About April Callis Birchmeier

Organizational Change Management and Positive Workplace expert.

Popular speaker and workshop leader helping people and organizations create a productive positive workplace. Featured in Time Magazine, The New York Times and Yahoo Hot Jobs! Author of "Springboard to Success: Strategies to Keep Business Casual from Making Business...Casual" April uses Agile change management to help organizations and individuals prepare for and thrive through change.

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    The latest in companies showed an 8% increase in productivity

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