Letting Out Your Negative Emotions At Work Can Be Surprisingly Useful

While it sounds unusual, expressing negative feelings at work can be a positive thing. In an article for Forbes, Amro Elserty writes, “Employees try to curb negativity in the workplace to avoid potential confrontations and risk being unprofessional. In fact, expressing negative feelings can be both healthy and useful, says Michael Parke, assistant professor of organizational[…]

A focus on corporate culture can improve a company’s bottom line

No matter how you define corporate culture, it will have an impact — good, bad, or ugly — on your company’s bottom line. In a new article for Lancaster Online, Eric Parker writes, “Corporate culture isn’t just a definition printed on the front page of your employee handbook. And it’s not about providing traditional benefits[…]

The pursuit of happiness: More than a third of UK employees unhappy at work

At a time when work and life increasingly overlap, positive and fulfilling workplaces make a critical difference. In an article for Smallbusiness.co.uk, Owen Gough writes that new research from Lee Hecht Harrison | Penna shows that more than a third of UK employees view work in negative terms. Gough explains, “The research finds that 14 per cent[…]

Four tips for creating a millennial-friendly workplace

Millennials have gained a reputation for feeling somewhat “entitled.” However, once empowered, they can become a great asset in today’s business world. Jobs&Hire.com writes that millennials have been made out to be unreliable and prone to hopping from job-to-job. However, they argue, employers may just need to learn that millennials value different things than members[…]