Meeting exclusion

Of course, we cannot invite everyone to every meeting. To do so would defeat the purpose of most meetings – to come to a decision or to create a plan of action. When everyone is responsible for everything, no one is accountable for anything. That is why we must limit meetings to the stakeholders or[…]

Poor attitudes, office gossip, and social media addiction: UK bosses’ top workplace bugbears

The Yorkshire Evening Post writes, “Employees with a negative attitude, bad manners and an addiction to social media are most likely to land in trouble with the boss, a study has revealed. Gossips, poor grammar and spelling and constantly asking for help are also likely to put you in management’s bad books. Other sure-fire ways[…]

New research shows employees work better in a healthy office environment

New research has shown that employees operate and perform more effectively in a healthy working environment. Gareth McKeown writes for the Irish News, “The report, compiled by commercial property and real estate services adviser CBRE and a research team at the University of Twente in the Netherlands found that just minor changes to the office[…]

Leadership Expert Shares Tips to Improving Leadership Skills

The key to leading people in the workplace is knowing how to lead individuals and teams through dynamic situations without feeling overwhelmed and under-prepared. shares that T. Scott Graham, Ph.D. is sharing helpful tips and knowledge with readers in his new book. ““Leadership Boosters: How to Make an Immediate Positive Impact on Those You[…]

The Latest Office Design Trends

The modern workplace is a constantly evolving space, and it’s one of the most important factors in the success of a business. Holly Emma writes for Business Zone, “The understanding of what design elements create a more productive and positive workplace is always developing, and in turn, influences the ways companies design their offices and[…]

Microsoft Workplace Analytics helps managers understand worker productivity

Microsoft has long held that the Microsoft Graph — the data it collects as a byproduct of people simply using their online tools — provides a wealth of information that companies can use to understand their workers better. In an article for TC, Ron Miller writes, “Today, the company announced general availability of Workplace Analytics,[…]