Transforming Anxiety into Personal Purpose

Humanity stands at the intersection of the most exciting time in human history and equally the most uncertain, unpredictable and volatile. Dawnah Jones writes for the Huffington Post, “Aware or not, every single person absorbs fear (and other emotions) broadcast through media or interpersonal communication or distant threats of violence or aggression. When your personal[…]

Study: Millennials are an asset to your business. Here’s why.

“The future promise of any nation can be directly measured by the present prospects of its youth.” These inspiring words are by President John F. Kennedy. But do they apply to the current millennial generation? Amanda Shagane writes for the Lexington Herald Leader, “Unfortunately, much of the focus on the millennial generation has been based[…]

Meeting exclusion

Of course, we cannot invite everyone to every meeting. To do so would defeat the purpose of most meetings – to come to a decision or to create a plan of action. When everyone is responsible for everything, no one is accountable for anything. That is why we must limit meetings to the stakeholders or[…]

Poor attitudes, office gossip, and social media addiction: UK bosses’ top workplace bugbears

The Yorkshire Evening Post writes, “Employees with a negative attitude, bad manners and an addiction to social media are most likely to land in trouble with the boss, a study has revealed. Gossips, poor grammar and spelling and constantly asking for help are also likely to put you in management’s bad books. Other sure-fire ways[…]

New research shows employees work better in a healthy office environment

New research has shown that employees operate and perform more effectively in a healthy working environment. Gareth McKeown writes for the Irish News, “The report, compiled by commercial property and real estate services adviser CBRE and a research team at the University of Twente in the Netherlands found that just minor changes to the office[…]