Former President of AFT Vermont Launches New Leadership Firm

According to an article by, Ben Johnson, former union president, launched a new firm on June 13 called Progressive Labor Solutions (PLS). PLS will provide services to management and the leadership team that will help them more effectively deal with union negotiations, plan for the possibility of a union coming to its workplace, help with bargaining and more.

Ben has over 10 years experience as an elected union leader and is very familiar with labor relations from both sides of the table. His primary focus will be on consulting with management to ensure positive workplace outcomes.

“Regardless of whether you’re currently a union shop or not, my years of experience in management and working on behalf of union organizers has provided me with the experience to ensure better outcomes at your workplace.” Ben Johnson said “I’ve lived and worked on both sides of the table, bargaining for the union during contract negotiations and as the manager of the union negotiating with the employees,” Ben added.

Ben was elected the President of AFT Vermont for six years and President of the Vermont AFL-CIO, the union for unions, for three. There are very few people that have had the experience of simultaneously being in the position of both negotiating on behalf of employees and being the manager negotiating against employees at the same time.

“I plan to offer my unique skills to companies here in Vermont and beyond. I believe we can achieve a win-win situation where the institution sees better results for its bottom-line, ensures a positive work environment and where employees feel that they are being treated fairly,” Ben said. “We need to stop thinking in terms of conflict and more about proactive measures that can avoid conflict before it starts.”

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