Four tips for creating a millennial-friendly workplace

Millennials have gained a reputation for feeling somewhat “entitled.” However, once empowered, they can become a great asset in today’s business world.

Jobs& writes that millennials have been made out to be unreliable and prone to hopping from job-to-job. However, they argue, employers may just need to learn that millennials value different things than members of Generation X and Baby Boomers.

Here are four tips for attracting talented millennials to your workplace:

Millennials are looking for the best team to build their long-term careers with.
“You have got to give them a reason to stay with your company. Think about the benefits in store for your employees. Are you equipping them for career growth? How about flexible work options? Millennials actually want more work-life balance over a fat paycheck.”

2. Employers shouldn’t discount millennial candidates that do not have tons of experience.
“Oftentimes, these young potential employees are skilled enough due to extracurricular activities or internships that they had during their time at the university.”

Reach out to millennials in their territory – social media.
“Create relevant profiles on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and even Snapchat to ensure that you can capture their attention.”

4. Embrace positivity.
“To ensure the loyalty of these millennials, you need to create a company culture that is genuinely friendly. These young potential employees need mentors that can inspire and encourage them. It also helps if they find themselves in a happy and positive workplace.”

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