How to boost your confidence at work with good thoughts

A big part of Gossip Stoppers is learning to recognize and break our own bad habits which may have developed over time without our knowledge. One of these bad habits may be negative self talk, which can lead us to a spiral of negativity. In an article for The Globe and Mail, Bill Howatt, chief research and development officer of work force productivity with Morneau Shepell, delves into the science of self-talk and shares six steps to replacing negative self-talk with positive responses.

According to Howatt, “Whether your response is positive or negative, the science of self-talk suggests that your inner voice’s opinions and evaluation will have a major impact on how you think about yourself. This ultimately will have a direct impact on your confidence in personal and professional situations.”

The article provides several strategies for shaping self-talk, including the following techniques.

1. Awareness
“Shaping your self-talk starts with understanding the kinds of internal conversations you have on a typical day. Getting a baseline requires keeping score of your self-talk.”

2. Accountability
Believe you have power over events in your life. “You may not be able to control your environment but you can control what you think about it, and what you think about yourself if you practice.”

3. Action
Take action to turn off negative self-talk and replace it with positive statements with focus, persistence and patience.

4. Catch and release
“When you catch yourself saying something negative, challenge it. Once you challenge the thought, you’re ready to release the destructive self-talk and replace it with constructive self-talk.”

5. Smell the roses
Practice acknowledging the positives in your life with your internal self-talk, including the simple moments of enjoyment.

6. Anchor positive self-talk
Recall positive personal experiences that inspire you. When you have time, pick and play an event that makes you feel good and proud of yourself in your mind to anchor this positive story.

With these strategies, you can embrace positive self-talk and leave negativity behind in order to reach the results you desire.

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