Leadership Expert Shares Tips to Improving Leadership Skills

The key to leading people in the workplace is knowing how to lead individuals and teams through dynamic situations without feeling overwhelmed and under-prepared. Pressreleaserocket.net shares that T. Scott Graham, Ph.D. is sharing helpful tips and knowledge with readers in his new book.

““Leadership Boosters: How to Make an Immediate Positive Impact on Those You Lead,” is a skill booster guide, which is designed to help readers improve or acquire specific leadership skills as it provides vital content, practical and immediately useable tips, mini-assessments, and workplace scenarios readers can apply in positive and meaningful ways.”

“Leading others can be extremely rewarding, if it’s done right,” said Dr. Graham. “But if someone lacks leadership skills, it can cost our economy over $500 billion a year, and not to mention the intangible losses of morale, self-esteem, and hope for employees.”

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