Poor attitudes, office gossip, and social media addiction: UK bosses’ top workplace bugbears

The Yorkshire Evening Post writes, “Employees with a negative attitude, bad manners and an addiction to social media are most likely to land in trouble with the boss, a study has revealed. Gossips, poor grammar and spelling and constantly asking for help are also likely to put you in management’s bad books. Other sure-fire ways to annoy the boss include dressing inappropriately, always making excuses for lateness and using the printer for personal reasons:”

Top 20 ways to get on your boss’s bad side

1. Having a negative attitude

2. Lying about jobs they have completed

3. Refusal to work as a team

4. Poor manners

5. Being disorganised

6. Spending too much time on social media

7. Spending too much time on their phone

8. Poor hygiene

9. Inattentiveness

10. Procrastinating

11. Gossiping

12. Poor grammar and spelling

13. Poor phone communication

14. Making excuses for lateness

15. Poor email communication

16. Dressing inappropriately

17. Organising too many/pointless meetings

18. Constantly asking for help

19. Being a ‘yes man’

20. Using the printer/office supplies etc. for personal reasons

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