The slippery slope

We are so very perceptive, aren’t we? Have you ever traveled quite a distanst from home, only to run into someone from your home country, state or town? Do you think it’s a coincidence that we strike up a conversation only to find we are from the same place, or did we perceive something aobut them that made us feel connected enough to strike up a conversation and discover all of our similarities?
We are good at using our perceptual shortcuts to navigate through the world, but this can get us into trouble sometimes. Sometimes what we perceive is not really what is happening. For example – that moment when you walk into a room and the two people in the room stop talking. Immediately.
Because we are more self-involved than most of us like to admit, we often assume they were talking about us, however this is usually not the case – but because we are perceptive and usually right, we act as though this assumption is true, which may make us alter our behavior and even become suspicious or unfriendly. This can be the first step toward building a negative relationship with our colleagues.

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