“In terms of negative impact, the Conservatives were rated most likely to negatively impact working lives at 35 per cent. Labour was seen as offering significantly less damage at 23 per cent. The Liberal Democrats came in at five per cent.”

“Given the latest polls and the Conservatives lead, our findings demonstrate a potential disparity between which party people will vote for and which they believe will have the most positive effect on their working life.”

“More than half of Britain’s working population (56 per cent) believe political parties should place a ‘moderate’ amount of importance on workplace-related policy and 16 per cent think it should hold ‘significant’ importance.”

“If a party were to offer a 4-day work week, nearly half (49 per cent) of respondents said it would be likely to influence their vote. A similar number (46 per cent) said a 6-hour work day would also impact their voting choice.”